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Join 20 experts, coaches, speakers and authors from around the world to help you show up powerfully in your health, relationships, business, and purpose to create a legacy you can be proud of.

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Mike McCarthy

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Vidal Cisneros Jr.

Igniting Your Mess Into Your Message That Creates Influence

Ander Adams

Your Guide To Seductive Integrity

David Rachford

How To Live A Life Congruent With Your Values

Tanner Gers

The Power To Go Beyond: Overcome Life's Greatest Obstacles

Andy Henriquez

The Power of Unlocking Your Story

Your Host

Armando Cruz MSPT, CSCS

Armando Cruz is a husband, father, entrepreneur, adventurer, author, lifestyle physical therapist, ultra-runner, & legacy coach. He is the owner of Cruz Country Fitness & Physical Therapy. He is the creator of the R.I.C.H. Man Experience and The Modern Man Virtual Summit.

Armando has climbed mountains, has ran over 50 miles in a day in the swamps, has lived out of his car, and has rollerbladed and surfed in hurricanes but his biggest adventure has been fatherhood. He is the proud dad of 3 amazing children and has been married for 10 years to his beautiful wife Christian.

Armando helps growth minded married men show up powerfully in their relationship with their wife and kids, in their health and in their business to create a legacy they can be proud of.